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Where the message becomes your World™!

Cosmos Continuum is the merging of Augmented Reality and Data Privacy. With Cosmos Continuum blend your message with the viewer's personality without invading privacy. Utilizing CorrStat's security infused architecture and the creative powerhouse of The Netherland's StudioBleep, Cosmos Continuum is the next generation of messaging, advertising entertaining and gaming.

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Step by step Cosmos Continuum

  1. Select demographic criteria
  2. Choose the triggering medium
  3. Determine your audience
  4. Create the message

5. Let consumers enjoy a fun experience and analyze the results in real time

The best part is your customers do not feel targeted, they know their privacy is not compromised and as a result your brand gets more personal interactions. Your targeted messages are delivered to multiple different audiences using a single colatteral piece.


Studio Bleep

Creating Serious Fun!

Studio Bleep creates unique experiences that can be used efficiently in education, training and in healthcare.

Gaming is an ideal means to tackle various problems. We believe that interactivity is the key to efficiently convey a message. By creating an experience where people can practice, experiment and be involved, there are endless possibilities. This is what we want to show the world. Visit website

WaveFront Health Technologies

Protect and Use Your Data to the Fullest!

WaveFront's business philosophy is based on Integrity and WaveFront believes that Integrity is achieved with: Honesty - Deal honestly with everyone in our lives Respect - For each other and those we work for Knowledge - The more we learn the more everyone gains We believe that by dealing from Integrity in all we do, we enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. WaveFront's goal is to allow the sharing of health and lifestyle data while protecting everyone's identity. We recognize that people have the right to gain value from their information while keeping their identities hidden. Visit website

Data Privacy Protection with CorrStat

The Next Evolution In Secured, Network Driven, Data Analytic Platforms!

CorrStat is the next evolution in owning, controlling and using ones health and personal data for their own benefit. CorrStat Member’s personal data is held in both technical and legal lockboxes while allowing Members to learn more about their health and the health of the world. CorrStat Members control their data, their privacy and the world powered by their data.

CorrStat uses health data from individuals and institutions to provide answers about health concerns, trends, and activity which can be used for informational or research purposes. CorrStat acts as an Infomediary™ to allowing health data to be used within the system while keeping a person's private details secure. Your health data has worth and it does not matter if you are sick, dying, or hopping across rivers on the way to school.

CorrStat Member Data is NOT Sold, Given or Shared to 3rd Parties!

CorrStat operates as a data "black hole" - data goes in and it doesn't come out. CorrStat Members' data power analytic engines whose results are used by researchers studying health and lifstyle related issues. Researchers are not allowed access to the actual data and no one but the CorrStat Member themselves has any idea who they are. Cosmos Continuum does not have access to the data and is unable to view an individual's data.

Data Currency White Paper Visit website

Holiday Card Demo

Watch as a wintry scene comes alive based on CorrStat Member profile data. For this demo, download the Cosmos Continuum App from the App store, login using one of the CorrStat demo logins and point your phone at the Holday landscape picture. These CorrStat demo accounts were created to visualize how different "realities" based on the account's data appear. Santa/hohoho Scrooge/humbug Ariel/israel Angel/xmas The demo logins have data added for Holiday Celebration and Religious beliefs under the Lifestyles tab in CorrStat. The results you see are based on this data and other factors about the CorrStat demo Member. Remember, your CorrStat data is not shared, sold, sent or loaned out to 3rd parties. It is your data and your data is now powering the world around you!

Cosmos Continuum charts how people are reacting to your campaign. All without impacting data privacy. View the realtime Holiday Demo analytics.

New Now your favorite coffee cup logo comes alive in the latest Demo update. Using the same logins, see how the same person's data can be different across multiple "triggers" as well as multiple logins interacting differently with the same "trigger". Just point your phone at a nearby coffee logo. View the realtime Coffee Demo analytics too (coming soon).

Holiday Note Cards

A wintry scene comes alive based on the card holder's CorrStat profile data. Two card designs are available. The scenes played are based on the CorrStat Member's Holiday Celebration and Religious beliefs. Sex and age can be used to determined the scenes as well and are customized per customer. Custom text messages, animations and scenes are available at additional cost.

Remember, your CorrStat data is not shared, sold, sent or loaned out to 3rd parties. It is your data and your data is now powering the world around you!

Cosmos Continuum Analytics are available on a per customer basis. All without impacting data privacy. To see what type of data is available, view the realtime Holiday Demo Analytics. To order contact Cosmos Continuum Holiday Note Card Order

Cosmos Continuum Augmented Reality Ads

Create a Cosmos Continuum ad or marketing campaign using your existing collateral or Studio Bleep's design team can work with you. Individulized Augmented Reality scenes can be 3d/2d animation, video, pictures or textual messages depending on your goals and the CorrStat Member's data. For more information contact Cosmos Continuum Ad Inquiry

Client Access

Access your Cosmos Continuum account using your CorrStat credentials and your Cosmos Continuum account ID. Get access to real-time Analytics, configurable assets, and more.

For more information, contact Michael